Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Pictorial Introduction to My Life in London

I've been in London for 10 days, and I still haven't decided if the time is passing quickly or slowly. I worked a lot this week and expect that trend to continue for awhile, especially when I don't have guests visiting. 

Even with long work days and lots of touristing, I've still had a good bit of down time to chill in my lovely studio, and this is how I've spent it: 
Once you get into it, Mad Men can be very addicting indeed.

The rest of my week went something like this: 

Jumping from one tourist attraction...
I really will use any excuse for a pun.

to another...
The London Eye sees all...
and having a grand ol' time with fellow interns from NYU and BUNAC's Intern in Britain Programme.
At The Shakespeare Pub in Victoria, just southwest of the center of London.

Or diving into the action at my 10-6 weekday home, the Bush Theatre...
This Bush moved into this historic building only two years ago. It was built in 1895 and served as the Shepherd's Bush Public Library for 115 years.
where the restroom walls are lined with play scripts...
I need to be careful that I don't get sucked reading the scripts for too long.
and there's a cozy migraine-recovery chair in the attic...

I wound up here on Friday. I kept thinking that it was the sort of room where one would expect to see a ghost in a 118-year-old building. I think at one point I even said out loud "Hey ghost, come say hello!" I'd like to blame it on the headache making me delusional, but...
and adorable kitty cats roam the halls!

...but are not pictured because like all cats, they are fickle little buggers who will pose only at the time of their choosing. Until I persuade them that me and my camera are worthy, you can check out Marley and Pirate's Bush Theatre staff bios here (scroll to the bottom).

Thoughts on my London experience so far and many more photos coming soon!


  1. Keep sharing Jess! I love reading about your London adventure.

  2. Aww, great post. You sound like you are having a super time, so I will forgive you for not bringing your auntie....

  3. That was just what I needed to keep you close! ENJOY!