Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tube Tuesday: MADArt Creative's Morphing Me

For this week's Tube Tuesday, I thought I'd share a taste of what the folks I'm working with over at MADArt Creative are up to with these highlights from the May premiere of Morphing Me, choreographed by MADArt co-founder, Lauren Camp.

Since I missed the premiere, I was stoked to be able to catch the second iteration of this unique piece this past Saturday at  the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council's Community Room. As an added bonus, I also got to see two truly lovely pieces by Megan Bascom & Dancers, Latch and A Round.

My favorite part of the performance though, was definitely these three aspiring young dancers:

Photo by Santino Lo, MADArt co-founder. Follow Santino on Instagram.

As the lights went dark just before Morphing Me, they left their chairs to sit on the floor in the front, huddled close together, and whispered excitedly throughout. When the trombone quartet, The Guidonian Hand began to play and the first dancer stepped into the water installation, I heard an excited "This is my favorite part!" and then silence as all three girls focused on the dancer's movements.

It was great to witness their excitement and enthusiasm. They are really what MADArt Creative's mission is all about. Engaging and inspiring audiences by bringing innovative arts programming and events into their communities.

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