Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My 1-year Post-Graduation Reflection

It's been two years since I started this blog when I was about to embark on my summer adventure in London.

A year since I graduated from my Master's program at NYU.

A year since the artstechhubs and I got in a minivan with our cats and drove across the country to our new west coast home in Seattle.

A lot has changed.

Sadly, our beloved cat Tommy passed away at the end of 2014. Christmas was not very merry.

His name comes from either Rapunzel's sidekick in Tangled
or the French mathematician, depending if you ask me or
the artstechhubs.

But after grieving for our lost companion, we opened our hearts and our home to another rescue and adopted an adorable 2-year old rat terrier mix from the Seattle Humane Society. We named him Pascal.

He's been a member of the artstech household for about 2.5 months now, and he's full of energy and love. So far we couldn't be happier and Sparrow the cat seems (mostly) ok with him too.
Mount Rainier. Lovely any time of year with lots of
cage-free greenery.

Our lifestyle is different here than it was in NYC. There are LOTS more unrestrained trees. We have a car, and a dog to take for walks every day. Despite the city's reputation for clouds and rain, I think I actually get more Vitamin D here than I did in NYC because there's at least a chance of the sun making an appearance during the winter months.

It's my professional life, however, that's seen the most change. I've been thinking a lot about how I approached finding a job in my field in a new city and what I might do differently, had I the chance to do this first year post-graduation over again. I think that I've found my way to the right place to establish my career, but it took a (nearly) year-long circuitous path for me to get here.

May and June always feel like transitional months to me, and not just because of the steadily warming weather with the promise of summer ahead. I think it has to do with graduations. I've been through three of them now and the period afterwards is always a transition. As a result, I tend to make my resolutions for the year ahead now, rather than on January 1st. Also, motivation comes easier to me in the sunshine. :-) With that in mind, on its two year anniversary, I'm resuscitating and relaunching my blog with the goal of publishing 1-2 new posts each month for the next year. So lots of artstech stuff to look forward to!

My next post (already written, hurray!) will impart some of the lessons I learned traveling my circuitous professional path this past year to this year's graduating arts administrators.

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