I am a 2014 graduate from the M.A. program in Performing Arts Administration at NYU Steinhardt. After finishing my undergraduate degree in Theatre at Tulane University, I began working in the non-profit sector in DC. I quickly discovered an affinity for technology in my roles as event planner, business analyst, and eventually project manager, implementing new software and web tools for a science-based organization.

As part of my degree program at NYU, I interned at a different performing arts organization each semester, including at an Off-West End theatre in London and small to mid-size theatres in Manhattan and Brooklyn. After graduation, I relocated to Seattle, where I now work as a Client Manager at Shunpike, assisting approximately 90 small arts organizations with their administrative needs including: accounting, grant writing and other fundraising projects, insurance, licenses and permits, data management, strategic planning, and research for other questions as they arise. I'm learning a lot about the independent arts sector here in Seattle very quickly and I love it! :-)

I think performing arts organizations, even more acutely than other non-profits, need to expand and improve their use of technology to increase efficiency, reach out to younger generations with creative marketing and development strategies, and improve overall effectiveness at fulfilling their missions. This blog will explore how and encourage discussion in the growing field of performing arts and technology.

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